BakeToFile Default Value

Hi @jonm ,

How are you ?
I was thinking of some functionality you may be able to implement. Maybe it already exists…

What if I would like to set default values for the BakeToFile Component in Grasshopper (filename, directory) ?
Is it possible to send these data to the component through a standard panel ?

Thank you for your help.

Bonjour Baptiste,

Thanks for the post. There’s been a ggIFC stream bake component for some time, but I added a ggRVT version to the latest builds at Let me know if this doesn’t help.



Hi Jon,
Thank you, I was thinking of ggIFC baketofile component to export the IFC file, not the RVT.
Will it be the same way of using it?

Well the ggRvt components also generate IFC (independent of the ggIFC components)

So the stream bake component is highlighted here, does that achieve what you need?