BakeToFile component


It appears that the overwrite settings are not working for this component.

Also, the Key/Value and Layer attributes are working, but the color attribute doesn’t seem to be.


I just wanted to flag this as something on the WIP list.



Thanks for flagging it! Just to make sure I follow: there are two overwrite options - Overwrite File, and Overwrite BakeName. Overwrite BakeName will only replace objects in the target file that have the same BakeName as what you put into the component, but will leave everything else in the file untouched. In the example you’ve got there, there’s no BakeName provided, so it wouldn’t delete anything.

If you want to overwrite the file completely, does it work if you use this option?

Thanks again!


Sorry for the confusion, I had a BakeName wired in before I took that screenshot.

In my case neither the Overwrite File or the Overwrite BakeName are doing any Overwriting. I’m getting the Add to File behaviour (duplicates being written) even when I have an Overwrite set.