Baked arc results in Srf?

Hi all,

I’m new to GH but fairly experienced in R5. I have been doing David Rutten’s tutorials in in WIP and came across what seems to be a bug in GH. In video 4/13, geometry is baked to Rhino. In WIP, the Arc 3Pt element returns surfaces when baked. (7.9 KB)

The .gh file above returned the same results in R5, however when I replaced the Arc 3Pt with a new Arc 3Pt it worked as expected.


Hi b- the component has arcs and planes among the output - if you Bake the planes, then you get them as surfaces. Make sure your mouse is on the Arc output for Bake. Does that make sense?


Ahhhh, yes. As usual, user error.
I can see the use of the plane function, however, it seems odd that they are so randomly distributed. is there a way to constrain them to be coincident/oriented to the arc?

Hi b - the planes are not random - they are the arcs’ defining planes and centered at the centers of the arcs. Here, at least…