"bake" surfaces with the modifier out of the property panel

Just a small wish:
I really like to use the “quick and dirty” mesh modifiers in the property panel for some “sketch work” (Curve piping, edge softening, thickening).
My wish is a possibility to bake these surfaces. Of course in a precise work there are all tools in the Rhino toolbox to do that → In this use case this is for 3D sketch work. With the modifiers you are able to directly see what you get like with a preview of grasshopper but in a faster way.
With kind of a “bake” you are able to use it in the further design work.

Since the mesh modifiers create just meshes you could select an object you want to ‘bake’, then run _ExtractRenderMesh. You’ll get the mesh of the object you see on screen.

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