Bake only what has preview on?

I wonder if this is possible now somehow, or if it will be possible in the future…

It would be incredibly useful to just right-click and “bake preview on”, baking every component that has its preview enabled.

Maybe generating a layer for each component, or grouping the geometry in each component. Or maybe just bake it as is…

By preview seems pretty limited, especially if you worked with Grafted information a lot.

here i constructed 10 points, on 10 layers, with 10 colors. Baked.

Then reverenced all the layers, culled the ones turned off, grouped them and baked.

If it was a bunch of different scripts that needed baking i would use the Bake All component, which bakes them all at once.

Thanks for the example. I think that with some time you can set up a very good baking automation. I was hoping I could avoid this by just baking all components that have preview enabled at once.

Many times I find myself inputting all components that will be baked into a merge component to be able to bake them all at once. Not an ideal workaround.

Metahopper has potential to do that i believe.

Found this thread where David shared a script that groups all geometry that has “preview enabled”

Maybe it is useful for someone else: