Bake Objects into separate layers


I have a loft and have split this into 3mm layers, I need to take each of these layers, make them into 2D then bake the result into separate layers. I have worked out how to find the surface I need and make this into 2d but now I need to figure out how to do this all in one go with say 40 slices. The output 2D parts should be grouped and put into separate layers - or at least not all staked on top of each other around the same centre point

I have attached the photo of my diagram - The pink group is the one currently finding the layer set by the left slider (currently set to 0) - so the top layer - then finding the second largest surface then making this into 2D - I need to find a way of doing this for all 40 layers in one command - later editions may have 400+ layers

Thanks in Advance!!!

Panel New (51.9 KB)

demo_mMaterial_bake_to_layer_2020Jan26a (1.4 MB) (68.0 KB)

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Thanks for this - I have tried this but it just bakes each layer to a new layer (good first step)- is there a way to incorporate this into my make 2D function (Pink Group)


Oh, so baking is not the issue, just basic GH skills? I actually agree with you, bake to layer should be easy.

This bakes each branch of the Make2D ‘Visible curves’ to a separate layer but doesn’t try to move them around from where you put them. Is that the real point of this thread?

My code doesn’t bake groups. (61.2 KB)

This spreads out the Make2D branches in the X direction. What do you want? (67.2 KB)

Crickets… I’m sorry, did I step on your toe? This thread title ‘Bake Objects into separate layers’ threw me off, I didn’t realize immediately that your question is (apparently?) more about layout, AKA “nesting”, before baking than baking to layers?

Is @Petras_Vestartas in the house?

Or you could spend $1K for RhinoNest:


I’ve got this working now quite comfortably and with a few more parameters - I think the way I’m making the layers by doing a linear array of the rectangles, then extruding and then doing a boolean difference between them and the loft is a clunky way of doing it.

Can anyone point me to a quicker way of doing this? This single boolean operation takes up around 90% of the computing time. I’m now trying to do an animation of the lamp growing and shrinking and I need to make the compute time as little as possible.

I think a something like a wire-cut would be quicker but then how would I delete the unwanted layers?


Also Joseph I’m now using deep nest you should check it out: