Bake inside of GH but keep GUID

Hello, I am dividing a surface into smaller sections and am baking the result to create a series of smaller surfaces. I want to export these new smaller surfaces using GUID’s for another separate operation. Is there any way I could do this that maintains the integrity of this new data? I have been looking and haven’t found anything really clear. I tried rebuilding them and that didn’t work. Any thoughts?

Is this for Window or Mac? Also moving to the Grasshopper category.

You can keep track of your surfaces by assigning usertext. If you have Surface A and shatter it into 3 pieces you could assign A-1, A-2,A-3 to the newly baked surfaces.

Human, Elefront or some of the other Plugins can assign usertext, i prefer Elefront (windows only)

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Can we bake not by tracking usertext or anything else but by attaching specific GUID by ourselves? E.g. I wanted to bake using Elefront some surface that later was used for Rhino Nature. But because it is GUID based, and the GUID is changing with every bake, therefore I cannot use it like this.

Something along these lines?

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