Badges -- Devotee

i just received a new badge… Devotee

sort of a weird feeling one…

is there another level to this?
first person to go five years without being absent?

if so, my money is on @Helvetosaur

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congrats :smiley:

i just got Aficionado yesterday.

This badge is granted for visiting 100 consecutive days. That’s more than three months!

still near where close to your 365 days.

i bet @pascal could get close to it :wink:

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Yeah, got one of those too, along with Aficionado…

True I visit every day - not necessarily to post though - but I still don’t know how it counts the 365 days consecutively, considering that occasionally I am traveling and I can’t connect for over 24 hours…


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Whee - new bright objects for the wood paneled TV room downstairs. Ooops, wrong century…