Badger email

Anyone have a good step-by-step for using Badger’s email function? I’m totally clueless when it comes to setting it up.

Many thanks to anyone who can answer this for me. (I’ll looking at you Andy!)


OK - well, the only things you need to figure out are the SMTP address and port number. Both of these you should be able to get from your ISP. In almost all cases, the port number will be 25 - so all you need to do is figure out the SMTP host.

If you have an email address from your ISP, you will probably be able to dig it out of your email program’s account dialog.

Hi Andy,

What if my email isn’t through my ISP, e.g., GMail?


Then you have a problem. However, I’ll bet that your ISP still provides you with SMTP email delivery. You’ll just have to poke around on their website.

Just out of interest - who is your ISP?

SMTP for gmail is: 

Easy like that! :stuck_out_tongue:

The ISP is Comcast.

Thanks Jordy, I’ll try that. Thank you!


This is what i found about Comcast.
Incomming mail has other settings then outgoing mail!

I think you’re out of luck. It looks like all of your options require SSL - which Badger doesn’t support. I will add this to the wishlist.

  • Andy