Bad sections

Hello )
You see the different sections between revit and visualarq below. …
Why we don’t have like this architectural sections ( professional ) in Visualarq ?
That is very important.
Please visualarq, do it for your users!
And in visualarq we dont have a big good library for free , we have a several objects!

Hi @jon-vrin,
You can create sections with VisualARQ as the one from the Revit screenshot. But it requires more work than the one shown in the webinar for the simple house in first screenshot.
There are some features that we are planning to develop for VisualARQ in order to improve Sections and shop drawings, such as the interesections between Slabs and walls. And if you have specific requests, we will take them into account for the future versions.
However take into account that VisualARQ objects are not very detailed and are not meant to be used for construction details. You can always use Rhino geometry instead, and model it as much detailed as you wish, since they are compatible with VisualARQ section attributes, sections and floor plans.

If you start a new document from a VisualARQ template, you can see the full object style library. You can always create new object styles and expand your custom library. But if you find some missing object, we can include it in future VisualARQ templates.