Bad screen resolution of Rhino 5 on my Dell xps 15

Hi everybody,

I’ve tried to go on >Tools>View>OpenGL but doesn’t say the Version Driver,
so what driver should I download from the Nvidia (Geoforce) website?

Thank you very much,


If that’s a laptop, go to the Dell site for drivers.
You’ll need the service number on the sticker on the bottom of the laptop.
There may be a whole series of updated drivers and tools.

Also you’re need to be running V5 SR14:

Thank you John,

I did install V5 SR14, I will now check for drivers on Dell but on Mcneel support I’ve found this

OpenGL but Rhino 5 doesn’t say what version of Nvidia Geoforce I have and the date, any help?


Nvidia keeps changing how they hide that data.
Use the Windows’ Device Manager to get the driver details for you display adapter.