Bad quality when printing colored (vector) lines

Dear all,

This issue has driven me crazy today, and I turn to you guys as I believe I have tried everything.

I have tried all possible RhinoPDF settings and multiple printers, but I simply cannot get lines from custom colors to print properly. The strange thing is that black, (pure) primary colors and colors from the default layers all work properly.

You can visualize the issue in the images below:

I have used multiple line widths, changed color profile to CMYK, used different DPI values, tried on countless printers, raster and vector… nothing. You name it, I’ve probable tried it. Please let me know what the issue is!

Ultimately, I’d like all colored lines to look like the black lines in the first image.

Thank you!

Hello - you can set print colors separately from display color - it’s hard to say without the file and your settings but that is where I’d look.


Tried that too… doesn’t work.

I tried differentiating the option of ‘print color’ between ‘By display’ and by manually selecting the print color to match the display color. Looks like the same result to me. I have also tried to change the option in the print dialogue from ‘By display’ and ‘By print color’.


Forgot to mention that this cannot be the printer’s problem. We have other drawings come in from third parties and print just fine.


I have also tried changing viewport styles as shaded mode was known to rasterize prints.

Printing issues.3dm (49.7 KB)

Hello - does printing to pdf look clean?


Yes looks clean on screen. Just the print is messed up.

Isn’t that just the colour dithering (not sure about the technical term) of your laser printer?
To me it seems obvious that printing in anything but one of the 4 “pure” CMYK colours would result in 1/4 of printing resolution.

Fair point, but this doesn’t explain why Rhino’s default layer colors print just fine.


If that is so, then I stand corrected.