Bad Meshing


The attached file checks as good, but all meshing options just leave out one section of the manifold.

I’ve replaced/rebuilt it several times with ho joy.

Help? Yuyu Long-solvent dispensing manifold 3D.3dm (725.0 KB)

Hi Chris- your object is a little odd in that it has some zero-thickness locations- that seems to be where the mesh goes wonky and leaves gaps- is that what you are pointing out?


All meshes good but for one part.

I’ll try a ‘slight’ mod.


Sorry , forgot the image

Well, here is the single part of the model that just won’t mesh.

What do you suppose is the issue?

Won’tMesh.3dm (50.2 KB)

Hi Chris,

use _SrfSeam an relocate the seam tothe lowest point of the circle.


Clement, that did it! I guess it was the cutout interfering with the seam.

Learned somethin’ new today.



Yeah… but I think it should still work without having to do this…


Hi Mitch,

yes, of course. I´ve just forgot to complain :wink:

Without moving the seam, it can be fixed using Split by Isocurve and snap at the opposite site at the lower corner of the V-shaped trim. This results in multiple meshable faces, though.