Bad line quality at CaptureViewport

Is it possible to do something about this? All lines are jagged when captured, even though they look good in the viewport. Most likely set CaptureViewport function to increase the Antialiasing at 32x when capturing.

Hello - I do not see this here - can you please post the ini file for this display mode? (Export from Options > View > Display modes)


it is the screenshot that you have to look at. so when i export the jpg i get those jagged lines which can be avoided if antialiasing is quite high. so my suggestion is to increase the antialiasing when exporting and then set it back to the usual. it would make better diagrams.

Is it more clear now? is it possible to increase the antialiasing above 8x? I attached a video also.

I am not having trouble understanding problem you see, but since it looks fine here,

I would like to try an example that you have, with your display mode.


Ok, I attached an archive containing rhino file, custom mode and the screenshot. the viewport is also saved in the named viewports

test.rar (370.3 KB)