Bad Graphic Performance


I stared work for a company that use Rhino for architectural modelling. My colleagues use Rhino for Windows and when I try to open core files on my Rhino for Mac I have a problem about graphics of the model. I checked out all methods in form but I couldn’t fix it here is some information and video for the problem.

Thanks for helping.

Clipboard.pdf (20.8 KB)

The graphics card is very very weak. Tell your boss you need a better computer.

See here for comparison:

some Intel graphics cards aren’t particularly good with anti aliasing, there is some info on this link which may be helpful,

This looks like the model is very far from the origin, nothing to do with anti-aliasing IMO. The same thing would likely happen in Rhino for Windows…


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Sorry, this is definitely not the reason.

I use a much weaker GeForce 210 and see (very) much better results than she is showing.