Bad bounding box


In the attached file, the object - despite the fact that it is not well made and has open edges etc. - is not flagged as “bad”. However, its bounding box is erroneous, too big, despite the fact that all surfaces are shrunk. There is one planar surface (the “bottom edge”) that appears to be causing the problem, extract and delete that and all is OK.


BadBB.3dm (1.3 MB)

Hello Helvetosaur
If you explode the object select that bottom surface and untrim all, it will show that surface to be scewed. Maybe I shoud say rotated. If it was square to the box, I think the bounding box would be closer

Yes, there is however nothing “legally” wrong with that surface. Rhino is supposed to create bounding boxes based on the surface’s trim boundaries and not its untrimmed extents. Otherwise the bounding box of a cylinder rotated 45 deg. around its axis would look like the following…


Yeah, looking at it that way, you have a point. I was looking at the fact you could not shrink that surface because of how it is orientated. Question for Mcneel I guess.

Hi Mitch, I see that, thanks.