Bad block objects within parent block

170418_rhino forum_rhino model with bad objects.3dm (15.4 MB)

I am using a rhino model which has blocks within blocks (see uploaded file). I can only open this file in safe mode and when I do and click within the parent blocks, and go ‘selbadobjects’ all the child blocks are selected. strangely when I open these blocks themselves there isnt ‘bad objects’… it seems they are becoming ‘bad objects’ when they are inserted into the parent block…?

any ideas??

thanks in advance


Hi Jules - that is odd - I do not have an explanation so far… if you ExplodeBlock, or BlockEdit, do the results contain all of the objects that you expect, per building?

For what it is worth, V6/WIP does not find the bad objects.


Hi pascal

thanks for your reply
yes when you explode the child blocks they contain all the results I expec- ie there is nothing missing. also once the child block is deleted it is no longer a bad object…

Perhaps I have had these bad objects for a while - it has only become an issue when I started using the new vray for rhino plugin- when this plugin is enabled it wont open this file…(however it will open others…)

I have no idea whether the vray plug in issue, and the bad objects issue, are related…



Hi Jules - one test would be to -SaveAs (with the dash in front) and SavePlugInData=No to a new name and then open that file - any bad objects?