Backupfiles waste Dropbox space

I am using Dropbox on a few smaller projects and the backupfiles generates extra upload and download which is a waste.

An option to save the backupfiles at the same location as the autosave file would solve this and make sense at the same time.

Also these backupfiles are not removed, why is that?


Hi Jorgen -

Saving backups is really part of the Save process- so it has to happen in the same directory as the open file. Basically the file is created anyway as part of Save but simply renamed and not deleted if you have that turned on.

So you always have something fairly recent in the event of a problem with the current file- they are not like AutoSave files, the whole point of them is to stay around as a somewhat recent version of the file. (it is the version saved on the save before last)


Hm… ok… Thanks.

But since I can choose to NOT have the backup file, then you could also give me the option to have a backup copy any where (just copy the previously saved file to a destination before overwriting the original)
For me as a user it does not matter if the backupfile is the “actual” previous save, or a copy of it.

Does that make sense? Because I like the idea of having backupfiles. Just not on the cloud, while on the run or on a slow net.

This issue recently dinged me a bit. I just moved to a new apt and did not have hardline broadband setup yet so was running off my 4g hotspot. But I’m one of those guys that hates shelling out cash to telcos so I only have 1GB/month of included data. A couple hours of rhinoing and saving and VOILA I’ve gone through a 1/4 of my monthly allowed data! OOF! Had to remember to shut off Dropbox after that.
If Dropbox had an exclusion list for file types that would be another easy solution.