BackgroundBitmap benefits Vs PicturePlanes (Don't obsolete this command unless it's benefits are incorporated into picture Planes)

Hoping that either Background bitmaps can be kept, made better, or their functionality be incorporated into the picture command.

Here’s where BBs are superior to picture frames in many regards:

  1. They don’t show up in other viewports or occlude objects in other viewports, this is huge.
  2. They never have to be locked or hidden so they are not selected when you run scripts or have to select objects
  3. They are easier to turn on and off then searching through layers. With picture frames you not only have to lock that layer to get the picture frame not selectable but when you have tons of them in a project this gets to be a hassle even with sublayers. BBs are much more elegant in this respect.
  4. They never have to be placed on a layer, and what is more time consuming than setting up a bunch of layers to receive picture planes. I do this all the time and it’s a hassle, frankly I’m sick of layers I think 35% of modeling time for large projects is wasted in layer management.

Here’s where Background bitmaps fail

  1. The don’t have enough resolution picture planes are much better in this regard
  2. You can’t rotate them or trim them like picture planes also a huge drawback but you can rotate the original image file and then bring that in as a BB.

If McNeel could update this tool or give BBs more resolution and allow rotation of the image or combine it’s benefits listed above into picture planes that would be great, but please don’t make this tool obsolete it really has benefits. Try it, I’m using them on this project along with picture planes they each have their use.


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