Background image to Grasshopper interface

Hi, bit of a leftfield question, but is there a way to place an image in the background of the Grasshopper script canvas?

I’m setting up the script ready for colleagues to use, so keen to ‘idiot-proof’ it and stylise it to our company branding. It would be great to have our company background behind the key inputs.

The only way I’ve found so far is using the Image Sampler component, but it doesn’t suit being scaled up as a background. Is there any other way to get a sharper image?

Hi, this is a solution based on this code

But there is a problem, if the image added to the canvas and you remove the component , you can’t remove it.
Maybe someone can find a solution for this.
And it is better if this used from the menu or a button

canvas (23.7 KB)

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