Backface visibility on object created with Picture command

Hello everyone,

When creating surface via ‘Picture’ command, the object created has the two sides mapped with the material of the chosen image.
I need the backface of these surfaces to be culled/transparent.

After enabling ‘Backface culling’ every objects do not show there backface but the surface created with ‘Picture’ do show the two sides.
I read the doc about ‘Picture’ command and says the object is automatically created with render mode, but changing it with ‘SetObjectDisplayMode’ do not do the trick.

I am using Rhino7 on macOS.


Hi @julien.borrel
sorry for the late answer,
The _Picture command creates a special object with self illuminated material. This object cannot be overridden to be backface culled. If you want this, create a normal planar surface, Open up the picture frame’s material and change it from Picture to Custom. Then apply this material to the new surface. This should allow you to apply backface culling to that object.