Backface Corner Transparent Curve Problem

I have a problem with my display modes. In every view type (rendered, shaded, pen etc.) rhino draws extra lines that changes with the angle at connection points. It also does this when i save it as a pdf or viewcapturetofile. I have read some solutions that area about testZBiasFactor but it doesn’t open on my rhino.

My system is:
Geforce GT 650M
Intel Core i5-3210 CPU 2.5GHz
6GB Ram
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Operating System

Hi Nisa - see if running testZBiasFactor > Less helps at all. The command will not auto-complete, type the whole thing.


hi Pascal, thank you for the reply. Typing the whole thing (testZBiasFactor) solved the problem on every view but when i try to save it as pdf or viewcapturetofile, it doesn’t draw the clipping plane parts on high resolutions.

Hi Nisa - is this a separate problem then? I’m not sure if it relates at all to the ZBias problem.