Backface color forgetting the new color-bug rhino7

backface color forgetting the new color-bug Rhino 7 SR0 2020-6-2 (Public Build, 7.0.20154.14355)

backface color in rhino7.3dm (160.3 KB)
this bug only in shade mode(DisplayModes)
and in render mode is correct

hi john
not only for( SubD)
this bug happen when(left click )on (surface and Extrusion) too

I just experienced a possibly worse version of this bug:

Went to set a layer color using the new color wheel popup (where did all the presets go?) and my entire UI reset back to default colors and layout (note the disappearance of the selection filter toolbar) which I previously had imported from Rhino 6 options.

And this is repeatable for me.

Hi Robert -

This has been reported and is on the list as RH-58738.

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Please add your specific example to this topic thread.
This thread is linked back to the bug report so the developer will have more specific, repeatable examples to work with, and I will have additional examples to test when the fix is added.

Please add simple, repeatable examples and any specific commands we need to follow to see the problem.

We depend on users like you to report problems. In so doing, you are directly helping to improve Rhino for everyone.

As an old friend used to say, “You need to be smarter than the problem”.