Backbutton not closing popup image

Issue with browse flow:
On my phone when I click an image and get the popup/overlay of the fullres image. I tend to press back to expect ditching the popup. However the page in the background is backed with the overlay remaining. There is a close cross somewhere but not in view and counter intuitive.


In addition when typing @ with name there is no change/update in the initial list of possible users (chrome mobile) like with my desktop browser.

Wait, if we moved to this kind of workflow we would be kind of odd, as it stands all our modals behave the same way, back does not close them it goes to the previous page.

I think it could feel a bit odd to special case here and quite odd to attach this behavior to all modals even for mobile.

OK, I leave it up to you how to handle it.

To me it’s not that big an issue but to me it feels like a bug and illogical to leave the modal unaffected by the back button.
For me the general paradigm for (web)browsing is that the back button reverts to the previous situation, in this case closing the modal and remain on the page. A second back would go to the previous page.