Back from the dead - resurrecting my R4

Some years ago, I wrote several plugins and have upgraded them from r3 to r4 to r5 and, lately working on r6. I went to test a few changes on r4 and I’m told my license has expired.

I didn’t think the license was supposed to expire. I to "enter a new license key, but that didn’t fool anyone.

Is there a way to solve this? I need to (perhaps) provide updates to r4 users, if any still exist.

Hello- please check with, they should be able to help.


Purchased V4 licenses do not expire.
That sais, you can get a message to that effect when Rhino can’t read it’s license key file.

The ‘Expired license’ message comes up when starting Rhino V4 SR9 when it can’t read or find the C:\Program files (x86)\Rhinoceros 4.0\System\Rhino.key file. Generally this happens when an update is botched or interfered with by Vista or Win7 that uses User Account Control.

The fix is easy. Right-mouse click on the Rhino Desktop icon and select ‘Run as Administrator’. This will start Rhino with elevated rights so the Rhino.Key file can be created or modified. You will see the same “license expired” message again. Click ‘Enter a new key’, and OK. Enter your key code. It can be found on a sticker, highlighted in yellow, on the license booklet in your Rhino V4 product CD case. The data will be saved and Rhino will start. Then you can start Rhino normally.

Rhino V5 does not have this problem since it is designed for Win7 and the added complications of UAC.

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