Back-end access denied but model is setup for it


I try to use the SD Geometry API but got SdTicketValidationError

  "error": "SdTicketValidationError",
  "desc": "Generic ticket validation error",
  "message": "Model does not allow backend access"

My model is setup for back-end access but still getting this error. I did this:

Is there anything else needs to be done in order to be able to access the model through the Geometry API?

Thank you :slight_smile:

PS.: What is modelId BTW? In the Swagger doc it shows up in many endpoints, but not seen in the documentation or in the Platform what it can be.

Are you making your requests from a web browser or a real backend application?

Please point exactly to the property you are referring to in the Swagger documentation.

Making the request from a browser now.

Pls see below for the modelId

When making requests from a browser, the domain checking will be used even if you use a backend ticket. Probably you are making requests from a hostname that you did not allow.

This is the id of the model on the Geometry Backend System it is running on. When you make a session init call, you find this id in the response (property

Thank you @snabela , yes, I added now some new domains, like localhost
ok, understood for the modelId that will come in the response from the session init call.

I have some other issues now but opened new post for that, so to keep the topic focused :wink:

It would be super useful anyway to have a documentation like getting started with the APIs and show the process how to start, how to authenticate and then make some calls to some endpoints.

Yep we will definitely add extensive help pages on how to use the APIs and SDKs.

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