Back button not working on mobile chrome

whenever I click a user to see the profile, trying to get back to the topic page is not possible. No matter how many times I push back I’m stuck at the profile page.

Edit. Mention @sam to make sure you read this as well.


Yes, I have given up doing that (though I would get back if I pressed the back button often and rapidly enough). I now just go down to the topics list for that user and go to the topic I was at.

Yes, this is a new regression with an upgrade of one of our core component, @discourse will get this sorted

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Hi Sam, while at it I remember another issue/wish:
the popup for enlarged images still catches me when I hit the back button. (Both desktop and on mobile).
I expect the backbutton to close the fullres image overlay. Instead I get back to a previous topic and need to find the cross for closing the image.
I see no point in only being able to close the overlay with the closing cross when the back button should act as a ‘step back’ as well.


I’ve got a fix for this in master now, should go out with the next deploy: