Baby, your cages are showing!

Hi All

Is there are way of getting cages to NOT show up in rendered mode (other than hiding them, of course). It seems that they are in the same “class” as geometry - maybe they could have their own class, like annotations, curves, text etc.?

TIA, Jakob

Hmm- yeah… I do not see any way to turn these off, yet. Looks like yet another display mode check box is needed…



Hi Pascal

Yea, I was thinking kinda the same thing - but also wanted to avoid a category for just cages. It really isn’t a big thing for me, as I rarely use the cage edit tool. Was actully wondering if the cages could be made to belong to one of the existing categories, but I’m not quite sure which one would be fitting. Again, not a big issue, as they are easy to select and hide.

BR, Jakob