Axis compensation by grasshopper

hi all,
I trying to make an axis compensation for cnc-machines/ 3d printers.
The problem that occured to me is that some machines do not have
an internal axis compensation, so if you have a crooked low budget
machine you are stuck with it.

Basicly I want to messure the angle that is set on the machine lets
say 92°

And then I want to “warp” (is that the right term because i want to deform it parallel)
the 2D lines or 3D shape by 2° on Y axis so it compensates for the unsquare hardware.
For the 3D shapes, the Z axis with another angle should be added later.

At this point I am unsure what the best “warping method” would be. As it

If it’s a linear stretching perpendicular to a specific axis, then Shear is definitely what you are after. There’s various ways to set up a shearing transform though, not sure which would be the best one for you.