Aweful looking text

Rhino V6 text looks aweful ; at least here on my computer.

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And with GPU tessellation turned of in OpenGL settings under Rhino options?

GPU tessellation has nothing to do with this effect. We use a shader for text drawing that has issues with some drivers. TestGlyphy command in Rhino will change the shader used to a texture based one which will look correct, but has it’s own set of problems.

Thanks for the technical baloney, but I updated to V6 “Beta” and…

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This is a GPU driver bug. It may be fixed if you can update your driver. We realize this is a bug and are trying to figure out what to do about it.

I admit I should probably not be using a card from that obscure graphics processor company called Nvidia.
For the record, it’s a GTX 1070 with the latest vanilla drivers.

I don’t see this on my GTX 1060

I noticed a newer driver (package 388.31 from November 15th) is available, so downloading that to see if that makes any difference (currently installed 385.69)

Ha ha.
You might want to wait another year or two until you get your stuff right.
Anyway, given that there is basically nothing new in terms of modeling abilities in V6, I don’t really mind.

Wait another year or two for what?

Anyway, with latest (vanilla) drivers from

What does the gtx properties dialog through the device manager tell you the latest driver is?

Using GTX1050… seems ok.
Is the awful thing the funky triangles?

What font do you use?

I have problem that the dialog of text appears extremely large on the first run…
But maybe something with my pc side…

Well, you could fix stuff like that for example :
…and don’t get me going on BlockEdit…

Or this :

…or this :