Avoiding Make2D line fade outs

Following up on a previous discussion, I have been trying to use Make2D rather than detail views with pen drawing mode. The ultimate goal is to create printed plans (24x36 or larger).

The problem I am encountering with Make2D is line fade outs. Is there some technique for avoiding these problems?

Here are some examples:

Technical View


A simple one that could manually correct with a line. Ih this case there is nothing behind the fade out. It is the edge of the object:

Here’s one where the outline of a shape fades away. In this case some of the fade out occurs with objects behind and some where there is nothing behind.

Here’s another example in Technical Mode:

And in Make2D

I add that I found that having two overlapping parts, you get a lot of line fading. In the above examples, the adjacent parts have all been subtracted from each other to eliminate overlaps.

I also tried adding all the parts together. This reduced, but did not eliminate line fading.

I’ll add another oddity, different fade out in left and right views.


Exploding the model in its entirety and running Make2D will usually work. You can also get away with keeping most of the model joined and selectively exploding the problem areas prior to Make2D. Hope this helps.