Avoid colliding of surfaces

I am currently working on an assignment for school that requires me to use Galapagos. I myself am still fairly new to Rhino and Grasshopper. The idea is that Galapagos automatically creates spaces in a 20x20m space of certain square meters that are fixed. I am currently running into two things.

  1. The spaces overlap and have tried to solve this with a formula but this does not work.

  2. The spaces cross the boundary of the large space.

It would be nice if someone here could help me solve both questions.

unnamed 2.gh (38.8 KB)


By using the genome to minimise the difference between the large space and the small spaces it achieves the minimum by:

Internally maximising the total area of the small spaces (stops overlaps as the maximum area is when there are no overlaps and maximum individual areas),

There are an infinite number of solutions as the small areas can be placed anywhere as long as they don’t overlap. Hope this helps.


File here: Avoid Collisions of Surfaces Possible Solution.gh (20.4 KB)