AverageCurves works ok now fails with two circles why?

I have a tool button made that runs :-
_-RunPythonScript “O:\RHINO 3D WORK AND ASSOC FILES\Plug-ins and Scripts\AverageCurves by Pascal\AverageCurves.py”

here is the script
AverageCurves.zip (975 Bytes)

and the artwork should anyone fancy the button
Average Curves button artwork

Average of Curves is the text.

and now a problem, it works normally, but is giving me a minute circle for two large ones. why ?

average curve two circles fail.3dm (126.6 KB)


Hello - the curve ends are 180- degrees apart:


Hi Pascal,
I never knew a circle had a start and another had to have the same start position.
Now I rotate the circle I get the average curves to work.