Average Points

is there a ‘Average Points’ option/command ?
(currently having to zero out scale factor multiple times)

also, wondering the command ‘CrvOnSrf’ has a new name ?

In native Rhino, no. In the case of your illustration you can use SetPt to pull the points together to a common point, but there is no way (as far as I know) to end up at the exact average of the points - without a script.

Are you looking for _InterpCrvOnSrf?

yesss ! _InterpCrvOnSrf
I cann do it in GH but yes, script would def be a better option for the rhino workflow ; )
thnx !!

I hacked the following script together - it will average all selected object grip points - any kind of object control points, edit points or SolidPtOn points (also works with curves) and will set the points to the average location of all selected points. I have not tested this extensively, so have a go and let me know how it works…

AvgSelectedObjGrips.py (666 Bytes)



this works perfectly !!
thank you & much appreciated

now patching holes like this will be a lot faster !
thnx again @Helvetosaur

If you have a mesh, maybe you could also join it then use the AlignMeshVertices command, with the DistanceToAdjust set to something more than your biggest gap (but less than the shortest edge in the mesh to avoid collapsing faces).

thnx Daniel!
some will end up in SubD, so working in meshes will def also help.
AlignMeshVertices seems to miss the Average Point however.