Available: script for interference checking

Hi All,

Via email I was asked if any update was available on my script from 2012 to check for interferences between objects. I indeed did make some improvements and decided to post the script here on Discource as well.

The purpose of the script is to detect object interferences by means of Boolean Intersections, without just a brute-force approach and with some sort of ordering of the findings. I took it quite far and like to share it with you.

Interferences_wd_09.rvb (18.9 KB)
To run it; drag and drop the script over RhinoV5.

Choose and option and keep an eye on the statusbar for progress.
(testing many objects it will still take some time)

When the script is finished a report with the findings is shown:

Note that a layer “Interference_Geometry” is create that contains the result
of Boolean Intersections. To clear all geometry created; just delete that layer.

Let me know what you think, please feel free to report bugs or any other remarks.

For use at your own risk. I advise to save any open documents (Rhino and non-Rhino) before running this script.
The script can potentially create a huge amount of new objects that can crash/freeze Rhino.
Besides that, if an error occurs during the run, you might end up with a file containing alien geometry.

Enjoy, end please let me know what you think.



I installed the script. But unable to find it the in the command or tool box. Every time I click on the
interference.rvb it opens a new blank rhino window and asks for objects to check interference.

  • Bismita

Use the Runscript command and select multiInterferences.

The link for this script is no longer working. Is there a way I can try out this script another way?


I found this copy in my archive:
Interferences_wd_09.rvb (18.9 KB)