Auxpecker 3: empty libraries

I appreciate this isn’t the forum for Auxpecker issues, but the developers forum hasn’t had any activity for over a year and they are very slow to respond to anything, so I’m posting here to reach a wider audience. Apologies in advance.

We just rolled out Rhino 6 and Auxpecker 3 to around 8 Windows Machines. All are experiencing intermittent issues with the Auxpecker materials library appearing empty. See

  • If you right-click on AuxpeckerLibrary and choose to Open folder, it opens Windows Explorer and all library folders & items are there.
  • If you right-click on AuxpeckerLibrary and choose Refresh, you get an error – see
  • If you right-click on AuxpeckerLibrary and choose Expande, Rhino stops responding and needs to be killed.

Anyone else getting this?

I don’t see any difference compared to my steps. I was installing Auxpecker 3 for Rhino 6 one or two hours ago.

  1. I opened the folder and close it.
  2. After this I refreshed the library, confirmed the error and wait one or two minutes. Maybe the refreshing and loading needs several minutes.
  3. I closed the Rhino and opened Rhino again
  4. I checked if the materials in the library are loaded
    If not - I repeated all steps above. In my case after 3 attempts all materials are loaded.

In certain moment the Rhino freezes.