Auxpecker 2.0 has disappeared from the web?

I installed auxpecker about 1.5 months ago on a work computer. When I went to install it on another computer this week it appears that the Mixexperience website no longer exists and everything redirects to a Facebook group. Multiple google searches have come up with nothing, so I was hoping someone here might have some info on what’s up? The Food4Rhino download seems to still work, but I do recall that there was an additional verification process necessary before the actual plug-in would work…

Hi BeeCee- see


Hi Pascal,
The links on there have also all been changed to redirect to their facebook page instead of the old website…?

Such a nightmare plugin sometimes… constant taskbar bubbles wanting you to update, dead links, logins to random (otherwise useless Italian) website that need approval… But we cannot do without it!

Yeah, I see, that … but if you scroll down a little you’ll see the direct download links.


sorry for the confusion
we are in a transition phase of the sites to fit the "cookie law"
you can find here auxpecker

I Have been trying to find a place to download the Auxpecker material library all day and nothing seems to work. Is there a new link?

Did you try here already?:


I’ve just tried this link

and it seems the link is OK, now I am downloading whole package- 7 files (click “options” - “download”)

I’m not interested in creating a Facebook account just to download the Materials files. Is there an alternative location to get the files?

Have a look here:

There is a WIP version of Auxpecker for Rhino 6 too.

But You may need to register with their website to download the free software.

Cheers, Norbert

Thanks for the info however, unfortunately I don’t speak Italian so I can’t figure out their website.

The link I gave you is mostly in english or self explanatory.
But to download Auxpecker you need to register.
Just go to the home page and click on “register” (doh!): the upcoming page is in italian with some english translation, it shouldn’t be difficult to figure it out.
If all this is to much hassle for you, then I suppose you don’t really need the software that bad…:slight_smile: