Autosave stopped working at some point

I finished a model yesterday at 5:30 and set it to render over night so I would have it in the morning. When I arrived this morning I saw that my computer had rebooted. Not only did I lose the rendering, but I also found out that my save didn’t work, and that the auto save stopped working at 4:38, a whole hour before I finished. Is there any way to recover files from before the computer rebooted? or are they just gone?

Hi Michael, My windows machine did the same thing last night.

You can check the recycle bin for previous autosaves.

I did that before I came here. I could see it autosave all the way up until 4:48 PM and then nothing saved after that. Not even my manual save.

Hi Michael - I am not sure what you mean here - do you mean you saved before starting the rendering, and that save was somehow not accomplished or? Is there a 3dmbak file in the same folder with the same filename? What is in that file?


I saved the file before I started the rendering and it was not accomplished.

Hi Michael -

Is that something that you can reproduce?