AutoSave Incomplete, but BUGREPORT had all changes!

@pascal can you direct this to the right person for me?

Hi guys,
I just had a crash when copy pasting a curve in a file with lots of xrefs and to my frustration the changes were lost since the autosave had not kicked inn within the timeframe or something.

BUT the bugreport file had ALL the changes! So I could just copy paste those in!


Are there any ways you could incorporate the bugreport into the “Rhino crashed, do you want to open the autosave?” process when restarting Rhino?

It would be great if it after opening the autosave checked if there were any bugreports on the desktop that fit the timetable and then asked if I want to import that too, and if so group and select all those objects.

I just saved a lot of intense work on a friday through this, and just checked the bugreport since I sent it in, and was surpriced to see that the autsave was “old” so I wondered out of curiosity what the bugreport then contained. (When frustrated do something else kind of curious)

Hope this reaches the right guys so you can discuss it. I think it would be helpful for many.

At least add a “Rhino crashed, check bugreport file on desktop to see if any lost data is there” notice in the first dialog mentioned here.

@Holo - interesting!.. I will ask about this. Thanks for the heads-up.


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