Autosave gone mad?

In my case it saves every 5-10 minutes, entirely blocking the program for about 1-3 minutes. Sometimes it saves again one minute later, that´s unnecessary and really annoying hence it keeps me from working. It was said before the new autosave doesn’t slow down the program, bit that seems not the case. OK, i’m working on a large site model, but the model itself is perfectly to handle between autosaves, and i’ve also tried test models containing nothing but a cube, with the same issues while autosaving. Could you please let us costumize autosave to our needs, every 20-30 min would be enough, or if not, please try to fix that slowdown! Thanks a lot, any advice is very much appreciated!

Please post your OpenGL settings. There is something on your computer that is interfering with autosaving and the OpenGL settings will let us know about your computer hardware.

You said that autosaving a model with only a cube is taking 1-3 minutes to autosave. Please post one of these sample models that takes this long to autosave. I’d like to see what is in the file.

Thanks, this one is fixes, i was working on server that was too slow for autosave, now the file is local.
Still, see my recent post, autosave is going on to frustrate us, it continues to interfere with commands and blocking the process every 3-5 min for 10-15 seconds.

Moving your model from a server to the local file system will not have any effect on Autosave blocking time. When the Apple frameworks start an Autosave, Rhino creates an in-memory snapshot of your model, then starts a background thread to write the snapshot to the file system. Rhino blocks while creating the in-memory snapshot, but not while the background thread is writing the file. I’ve never seen Rhino block for more than 2.5 seconds, and that was with rather large files. In the usual case, Rhino blocks for less than half a second.

I ask again for your OpenGL settings and a model that exhibits this behavior. I cannot help with this problem unless I can see the problem.