Autosave folder

(Windows 10, RHino 6)

Hello, I found that autosave files saved to Autosave folder is over 40GB. Is there any command to quickly open this folder or clean up this folder?

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If everything works correctly, there shouldn’t be any files in this folder when no instances of Rhino are running.
It’s only when Rhino crashes or you force your computer to shut-down when Rhino was running that there should be a file in this location. Your Recycle Bin, on the other hand…

I do see “something” going on in a current build of Rhino but haven’t been able to repeat it yet… Are you seeing every file ending up there?
@Willem, since you liked that post, do you have a repeatable process?

Hi Wim,

I just checked and my autosave folder is filled with left behind files from crashes dating back to last december.
In my case mostly due to scripts freezing/crashing Rhino and needing to kill the process.
It’s almost 3GB worth of redundant data.

I think a purgeautosave command would be a good starts, it would cleanout the autosave folder.
Or at least a link in the Options Files page to quickly visit the folder as OP suggests.
This is possible by clicking the 3dots button to browse for the folder



My Rhino mostly crashes for two reasons.

  1. ran out the memory because the file is 10gb or attemting to export a large dwg which consumes memory a lot (but I think this became a lot faster than Rhino 5)
  2. Grashopper script doesn’t respond and I needed to force shutdown of Rhino. I casually do this because autosave of Grasshopper is working most of the times.

So although Rhino6 is very stable so far, the auto save folder is growing too fast for me.

Thanks, Willem! I’ll try purgeautosave.

Hi, This is not a real command. It was my suggestion for a new command.


Wow. I crash all the time, testing and whatnot, and I have four files in that folder… from 2014, 15,and 16.

Willem, I see tmp files as well in your image… that seems unexpected, to me.


Where is this folder located, you got me interested?



I don’t seem to have that folder in Win7:

I’ll check on my Win10 machine a bit later.

Look in the “Local” folder instead of Roaming:

or where ever you are configured:

Yes it was there,

I have only 2 files there.

Yeah I’m not that concerned (should I be?) Having scripts halting and crashing Rhino is daily business for me. All for various reasons, be it an infinite loop, unthoughtfull recursions, other sloppy coding or simply my own lack patience. Let me know if I should keep an eye out for this type of buildup in the autosave folder.


Hi Willem - I don’t know if you should be concerned - I don’t rhink so, yet, I just notice the discrepancy compared to my autosave folder and what I expect… As I say, I crash Rhino with scripts and testing quite regularly as well and I do not have a pile of autosave files, and no tmp files… I’m not sure what it all means, if anything.