Automation of series of gh definition


I am looking for an automation solution to run a set of .gh files in series, each one reading and saving output to disk.

At first I thought about batch excecution and tried it, but it opens Rhino and Grasshopper UI each time and that slows down the whole thing a lot.

Just in case: Is there some particular way to excecute .gh files without to open the UI ?

I thought anyway to an alternative that would be acceptable: If I have all definitions open in my Grasshopper session, Can them be recomputed (F5) in sorted order automatically from a script?

Let me know if I am pointing in the right direction or I am missing the good way to do it…


Just for the records,

I have found the best solution available in Rhino 8 is using GrasshopperPlayer command called from a python script component that manages the order of execution of different grasshopper files.

Combining that with Read/Write files on disk and serialisation is a nice way to split big files into small manageable units easy to maintain in teams.