Automation COM error

HI I am trying to automate Rhino and Grasshoper through COM, following the example in .

I try to load grasshopper

string pluginId = “b45a29b1-4343-4035-989e-044e8580d9cf”; //this is the grasshopper GUID
plugin = rhino.GetPlugInObject(pluginId, pluginId); // rhino is a COM object representing a rhino5 instance

when running the OpenDocument method a window pops up with the following message

Grasshopper breakpoint
Invalid parsing operation inn GH_DigitNumber.Value

Running equivalent code in the RhinoPythonEditor works well.
Please note that “plugin” in the code is an instance of “GH_RhinoScriptInterface” from the graashopper API.


You may want to try the following



plugin.OpenDocument(@"D:\MANUEL\Desktop\");   //notice the @

to prevent the single backslash from giving escape problems.

Thanks Menno
Unfortunately that was not the mistake , that was alredy right in my code somehow i copied it wrong here.

It is a strange message that i get there. I think there coulld be a problem with duplicated but different version dlls