Automating the process of creating 3d from 2d images

Has anybody ever tried tracing 2d image and converting it to 3D? I have a set of 2D building prints and I want to convert into 3D model, I have a set of 50K images hence doing it manually would be impossible. I want to automate the process of feeding 2d image of building footprint and getting the 3d model out of it.
Does anybody have any idea how can this be achieved?

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Hi - you didn’t categorize your post and I’m not sure what, exactly, the question is.
Rooster (Grasshopper) and Trace (Rhino) are plug-ins that you can use to trace images. Both are based on Potrace (

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Hi Wim,

Rooster works perfectly for my task, but it just takes one image at a time, is there a way to automate the process of converting a set of images to 3D?
Thanks in advance

Hello - most likely you’ll need a script of some kind for this.


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