Automating rhino / GH for input from website

Practically speaking, what would be the path for taking website form output, piping it into GH, and sending the result to manufacturing without human intervention.

Edit: For clarification I am not going to try and do this myself. I just like don’t even know what’s involved and/or what type of developer(s) to look for.

It depends on what form the data is in. If it’s an exchange format, such as JSON/XML/CSV, there’re tons of solutions. If it’s a webpage, you need to have an interpreter for that and many websites now have anti-spider procedures which may make the whole procedure troublesome.

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Assuming it is your website and you like to automate manufacturing after a client or employee has successfully inputed a form.

You usually create a mvc web app. Model View Controller. Your View is a typical web client app such composed out of Html/CSS/JS or frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, Blazor etc…
Then you have an controller and this is basically creating endpoints for your (rest) api.
It takes for instance your form data and processes it further to your model.
The Model can be a database or an wrapper to communicate with Rhino, Grasshopper.

Now writing such a wrapper is tricky, because it has to take use of interprocess communication. You want to schedule manufacturing, you have to be sure Rhino is running and ready to receive data etc.

So what kind of people do you need? I think the second part is much more demanding. So you need a good .net (desktop app) developer with little experience in to create your mvc model. If the clientapp requires an frontend/fullstack web developer depends if this form is publicly available and requires a lot of attention regarding performance, security and design. I would stick to .net technology because you use it in Rhino,Grasshopper as well (C#,VB.Net,Ironpython).

I would recommend using Rhino.Compute. Here is an example page that has a few sliders and sends this data to a server running Rhino: (note: you need to have a Rhino Account to run the example, a popup will appear requesting an authorization token). This particular example actually is running a GH definition which takes the 3 slider values.

Rhino/GH receive this data, do some calculations, and send back a result.
Of course, this is just a sample. The kinds of inputs, the way authorization works, and how the result is returned and visualized can all be determined by you.

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For the dynamic web page part I guess you are looking for a full-stack web developer. For the Rhino and GrassHopper part you probably need the jobs section of this forum… there are some simple solutions for building dynamic web pages with python, depending on your needs.


Why not just use Shapediver?

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