Automating grasshopper / rhino from command line with arguments?

I have a workflow that takes in a bunch of models, manipulates them, and stores the results in the file system. I’ve written all the manipulation in a grasshopper file that reads in a .3dm model, does some stuff to it, and then I bake the results manually. But I’d like to automate this from the command line for a bunch of models. There are (at least!) two problems I’m uncertain about.

  1. Is it possible to start grasshopper from the command line with file arguments so the ReadFile or other grasshopper component can pick the correct file automatically?

  2. Is there a way to automate baking the results so I can retrieve the file with the results in my batch script?

If I’m taking totally the wrong approach here, that too would be good to know…

EDIT: I’ve just uncovered a forum post about a tool called pollination that may do what I need. I tried deleting this post but don’t seem to have the permissions to do so – my apologies.


Initially it seems you could do this as blocks in Human or Elefront.

It would be easier to understand if you could post example of said work flow.

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Thanks, Rickson! I should have clarified that by workflow I meant overall workflow – not the workflow in grasshopper – so at this point there was no grasshopper file to attach other than one with a ReadFile component connected to an Import component. I had thought not to clutter up the question with that, but next time I will include files no matter how trivial they look! Sorry about that…


Thank you so much for the response. I will go make sure I understand it. Your help is much appreciated!