Automatically spread points according to applied load - possible?

Hi there,

Was just wondering if it is possible to define a situation as attached before where the arrows are loads on a surface and the circle are pre-defined points on the surface. After applying a certain load on the surface at specific locations of arrows, grasshopper can automatically move circles within a small local regions to align with the loading arrows?

Hope that makes sense!


You mean something like this? (27.8 KB)

Yes thats very close to what I am looking for, except the circles I have in my case can only move in one direction (either x, y, or z not a combination). Is that possible?

Thank you so much!

Also if possible, I would like to restrict the movement of the circles within smaller regions in the surface - similar to the attachment. So basically the circles cannot move outside those set regions no matter where the forces are. Capture Would that be possible too?

Have you given any attempt?

Unfortunately, didn’t know where to start. Have never done anything like this before.