Automatically select edges in Rhinoscript

Dear community,

I created a solid using rhinoscript, but now two of its edges need to be fillet’ed. Is there a function that allows to get the edges of a solid, similar like SolidPtOn returns the control points. In the menu “Analyse”, “Edge Tools”, “show edges” also seems to do this in the menu.

Now, my question is if such functionality is available in rhinoscript to get like an array of the edges of a selected solid? That way, we can iterate over the edges automatically and fillet the edges with the right properties without user interaction.

Many thanks in advance,

Filip Rooms

Hi Filip,

this has been requested often but as far as i know there is no way to handle it in plain RhinoScript as edge filleting requires user input to pick edges on screen. Depending on the type of solid you´ve created you might be able to work around the problem by creating the solid eg. from a curve (in case of an extrusion) which already contains the curve-fillet.

you can extract the edges as curves using the RhinoScript method

Rhino.DuplicateEdgeCurves (strObject, blnSelect)

but they will not be suitable for your task as the curves are not edges. Another way to fillet edges in RhinoScript is to find out which surfaces are connected to the edge to fillet and pass the pick points as coordinates to the function

Rhino.FilletSurfaces (strSrf0, strSrf1, dlbRadius, arrP0, arrP1)

however, this will only act as a surface fillet between 2 surfaces, it is not not like an edge fillet, so you`ll have to update surrounding surfaces yourself.