Automatically disable a Kangaroo goal

Hi all,

I’m setting up a Kangaroo simulation in which I’d like to initialize an instability, with for example a Wind goal, and then look at if/how the system rebalance itself

I tried to wire the Iterations output of the solver to Stream Gate the Wind goal, but GH doesn’t like loops like this… I think maybe in a custom goal, but I’m not currently very familiar with these

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can achieve it by using MetaHopper’s ‘Enable/Disable’ components. Instead of having the boolean connected to your ‘Stream Gate - G’, connect it to the ‘Enable/Disable Object - E’

No recursive stream here : )

Hey Felix,

It looks like you may want to look into wrapping a solver into a code block for this. If I understand correctly, your problem is less about creating a custom goal than it is about putting the output of the solver in a feedback loop with itself?

Daniel Piker has some examples of this on his github here

That way you can feed your wind goal in and add extra code on what to do after each iteration (to rebalance) before moving on with the solver.