Automatically connect corner points with lines?

Is there a script that can do this?
I am wondering.

If the shapes are similar, and the start points are aligned, that is a snap for Grasshopper.

in sketchup it’s simple to do this. quickly connect the edges together

Well, you could Loft between the inner and outer curves then extract the needed wireframe elements from the resulting polysurface…

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Not at my Rhino computer right now, so I can’t check for myself. Does subobject select work on polylines to allow points at the junction of straight lines to be selected? That would make lphonex’s task pretty easy manually.

Certainly seems like it would be a natural outgrowth of the subobject select concept and should be implemented for consistency if nothing else. @stevebaer


Hi. Your method is good, but with many objects, the work will be slowed down.

Hope you will be back soon to help me out. Thanks.

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Hi @iphonex.1989, see if below helps, it asumes aligned seams of the two polylines: (1.9 KB)


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